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DESPOJOS DE GUERRA, Spoils of War (2022) | Série documental. 4x 40′. Portugal. 

Spoils of War unveils extraordinary tales of espionage, patriotism, survival and romance against the backdrop of the Portuguese colonial war in Africa (1961 to 1974). Using exceptional archive footage – colorized for the first time in a process never before seen in Portugal - this documentary series by Sofia Pinto Coelho gives voice to anonymous heroes who now recount the crossroads they faced during a time of war and decolonization. Spoils of War is a co-production between Blablabla Media and SIC, produced with the support of ICA - Instituto do Cinema e Audiovisual.

DANIEL E DANIELA, Daniel and Daniela (2022) | Documentary, 70'. Portugal

Daniel (83 years old) wants to leave his daughter Daniela (12 years old) more than his library, one of the biggest in the world about Lusophone Africa. So they travel together to discover their roots in Cape Verde, São Tomé, and Guinea-Bissau, where, among laughter and songs, everything is a pretext for yet another lesson on colonialism, racism, family memories, and individual aspirations.

Design Joana Pinto Coelho

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