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The new life of the Siamese, Expresso, 2006

Francisco Cunha convicted without evidence, Expresso, 2005

Council of Europe evaluates the efficiency of Justice Expresso, 2005

International Criminal Court: who judges crimes against Humanity, Expresso, 2000

Popular Action: José Sá Fernandes, a Lisbon lawyer, Expresso,  2000

Portuguese prisons: the halls of death, Expresso, 1999 - - honorable mention, Human Rights Prize, awarded by the Instituto da Comunicação Social/National Commission for the Commemorations of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, 2000.

Fernando Negrão: the thread of the plot, Expresso, 1999

Strasbourg Court: Portugal in the defendant’s seat, Expresso, 1998

David Lowry: no guilt, Expresso, 1998

Skinheads: hated and proud, Expresso, 1997

Maria's boss, Expresso, Expresso, 1992

Civil disobedience manual, Expresso, 1991

Notaries: the acknowledged truth, Expresso,  1991

Taxes: tricks and traps, Expresso, 1991

“South Florida: see it like a Portuguese journalist”, The Miami Herald, EUA, 1990

Singers from my country, Expresso, 1990

Multinational companies: the business of capital, Expresso, 1990

Interview with António Champalimaud, Expresso, 1990

Portugal-Spain: unequal business, Expresso, 1989

Quinta da Marinha: the end of peace, Expresso, 1989

Nationalism: the new provincial pride, Expresso, 1989

The new club of the rich, Expresso, 1988

The wheel of fortune, Expresso, 1988

Members of Parliament: the grey chairs of S. Bento, Expresso, 1988

Portugal-USA: friends and business, Expresso, 1988

Young people 88: the pose of success, Expresso, 1988

75 years of Law: a field in decline, 1988

The secret charm of diplomacy, Expresso, 1988

Os novos desafios da Universidade, Expresso, 1987

Party Youth: sons and stepchildren, Expresso, 1987

Electoral Systems: there are no innocent options, Expresso, 1987

Constitutional Revision: the stakes and the surprises, Expresso, 1987

The new challenges of the University, 1987

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